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Allen Samuels is ‘livin de life’ on New York Live

Last time SoJones did a piece on Mr. Allen Samuels, he was just starting out with a single on iTunes and a video on Youtube. Now his video has almost 800,000 views and he’s recently appeared on NBC’s show “New York Live” to get interviewed by Ben Aaron, who is wondering just like the rest of us why a 55 year old casino executive is starting down the path to hip hop fame. For one thing, Allen knows what swag is about and who the ‘po-po’ are, but he thinks the police are good! We might not see our friend on a track with post convicts like T.I or Lil Wayne, but we digress.

What’s awesome about this time is that Allen Samules and Mr. Aaron did a New York Live remix, which involved the two in Time Square dancing with the crowd and doing some turntable tricks with doggies and friends alike. It’s a great ol’ time for a rapper only getting to the top soon, so check it out below:

As you SoJones readers might or might not know, all you gotta do to ‘live de life’ yourself is get up and feel good about your day! Mr. Samuels even did a bit for Hip Hop magazine XXL where he explained 10 ways to live de life on a budget, and what he does for a living. Starting at the bottom of the casino business, Samuels worked his way up until eventually where he is now as Assistant Vice President of Customer Development. Sounds like a fun title huh? For Mr. Samuels it definitely is fun now, as he calls rich people all day for private parties and events. Want to know his top 10 ways to ‘live de life’ on a budget? Here we go:

10. Go to economicplan foramerica.com (his cousin wrote the plan)
9. Wake up every day and feel good about yourself
8. Exercise!
7. Take care of your family
6. Go to work everyday, enjoying what you do.
5. Listen to good music
4. Be thoughtful of others
3. Be nice to others
2. Love everyone
1. Live de Life

So readers, are you living the life you dream of today? It starts from within, not mattering how much money you have. Take it from a millionaire like Mr. Samuels!

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