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Beauty Query: Carnival Makeup

Published on July 13, 2011 by in Fashion

Fashion Bomb reader Sade writes in asking, “My name is Sade and I’m a proud West Indian who will be playing Mas for the first time this summer! If you don’t know what that is (although Claire might ;]) it’s very similar to the Carnival that takes place in Brazil. There’s lots of music, elaborate costumes, and dancing in the hot sun! Anyway, I want to try a dramatic, yet fun make up look, but I’m not sure where to start. Also, I’m sure to get sweaty, so is there any recommendations you can give me for good waterproof foundation, eye shadow, etc?


Wey–wey—wey–wait—just because I last played mas during Kiddie Carnival in 1989 ent mean I don’t know what carnival is! scheupsssssssssssss. I may have been born in NYC, but I am Trini to de BONE (muddah and faddah)! :P

Anyway, the makeup look would greatly depend on what your band colors are and what your costume looks like. Your best bet no matter what is to center your look around glitter, bright colors (find out how to come up with great color combos here), and a vivid imagination. Carnival makeup can go from very pretty to very avant garde so my suggestion is to just have fun.

As for waterproof makeup, for me no one does it better than Make Up For Ever who is the official makeup sponsor of Mercedes Benz Swim Fashion Week. Synchronized swimmers who want to look cute after their relay wear MUFE, too. From the Aqua Cream which comes in shades for eyeshadow, cheek color, and lip color to the rainbow colors that Aqua Liner comes in, you’re pretty much all set with all of their waterproof products. We discussed them here so be sure to get a refresher.


My homey Ameritrini on Youtube has a makeup tutorial (if the video doesn’t show up click here) on a cute “mask” look:

And just for fun:


Have fun, Sade! :D

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Article source: Fashion Bomb Daily

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